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To Remember the Human Animal Life Foundation (HALF) In Your Will


For those of you who know of Joan Kroc who gifted to the The Salvation Army almost 1.5 billion dollars there is no doubt the mere thought of such a gesture will inspire other people to make a bequest to a charity they think will make a difference. When you read or hear of a bequest that has been made and you feel a sense of worthiness in that action, that sense may be yours in your passing time. Whether an incredible amount in the billions or in the hundreds any bequest is a symbol of wealth of heart.

To those who have supported Human Animal Life Foundation over the years we greatly appreciate that generosity and ask you to think how this charitable giving can continue after your passing as a gift to HALF in your will. It is a final and impact-full opportunity to help support the mission of HALF, supporting children and animals by leaving a charitable donation in your will.  These planned gifts, called bequests, are an easy way to make a significant contribution that might not have been possible during your lifetime. Please visit our Memorials to those whom have chosen to make a difference in their passing.

When you leave a gift  to HALF in your Will, you have full access to your money for as long as you live. Your gift goes to HALF only if you do not need it during your life. Gifts by will can be tailored to meet your own specific personal and financial objectives. For example, you may wish to express your bequest as a percentage of your estate rather than as a specific dollar amount. Such a percentage bequest is an excellent method of protecting your beneficiaries against a possible reduction in the size of your estate.

To name Human Animal Life Foundation, Inc. in your Will, please provide your attorney with our full legal name and address. If you choose to leave a bequest, please let us know so we can properly acknowledge your generosity. Naming HALF as a recipient in your will can be an eloquent expression of who you are and the values that have shaped your life. We as a whole will benefit in a positive way from your kindness to HALF.

Thank you for your kind consideration,

Human Animal Life Foundation