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Online Fundraiser For Long Term Care To Benefit The Horses

Brooksville, FL. September 15, 2011 – The Human Animal Life Foundation (HALF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit, announced today an online fundraiser for their Saving Equine Program being held on behalf of rescued and retired horses for long term care at the Spring Lake Equestrian Center in Brooksville. This will help pay costs of much needed veterinary care and feed, as well as boarding.

Kojak is celebrating his one year anniversary at the Center where he arrived as a sheriff’s department rescue with no name, no hair, starved and sadly emaciated. Felicia Bass, Vice President and Co-founder of HALF stated “Followers of Kojak, who got his name because he was completely bald, have been impressed at the success of his recovery.”

Fallon arrived at the Center two months ago as a sheriff’s department rescue and has been under consistent nurturing care. Due to her age, being over twenty, and the extent of her extremely depreciated health, she was placed for long term care shortly after her condition was stabilized. Like Kojak, it will take months of specialized care to bring her back to a normal healthy weight.

Mr. Jones arrived at the Center two months ago as a sheriff’s department rescue, badly emaciated, and along with a generous intake donation from a resident in Brooksville. He appears to be a thoroughbred but the tattoo under his lip is obscured due to an old injury. His health has been improving at a steady rate and he has found a companion in Fallon.

Berkeley Square has been at the Center for a year and a half where he initially came from Tampa Bay Downs through Thoroughbred Retirement of Tampa. He has been in the long term care program, since its inception, from which he has received specialized farrier and other care. As an OTTB, Berkeley was badly foundered, suffering significant bone rotation in his right front hoof.

All four horses are doing remarkably well in consideration of their condition when joining the Program” stated Peter Schroeder, President and Co-founder of HALF. He went on to say “The success of the horses is a testament to Saving Equine, which focuses on equine welfare and rehabilitation, and is clear indication that what we are doing is working.”

HALF has been instrumental in helping Kojak, Fallon. Mr. Jones, Berkely Square and many other horses in need and has expanded efforts nationally through, an online community geared to be a resource hub. Joining HALFBOOK and donating to this fundraiser will help to continue Saving Equineone bale at a time”.

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