You Don’t Throw A Whole Life Away


Just Because It Got Banged Up A Little!”

This quote from Seabiscuit’s trainer best describes the amazing work with horses for children at the Spring Lake Equestrian Center, Saving Equine.

One year ago, a starved, emaciated, one eyed, rescued horse referred through the Sheriff’s Department, hobbled through the gates at Spring Lake, banged up a little. With a fierce determination, hairless and completely bald, he was aptly given the name of Kojak. Along with the urgent loving care of a Human, this spirited symbol of grace in an Animal, Kojak fought his way to recovery in his Life.

Followers have been impressed at the success of his recovery, seeing how Kojak is currently fat, sassy and happy. He now flourishes in the sunshine, can stand in the rain on his own and sometimes has this peaceful look, like he died and went to Heaven. Kojak is whole in life once again by the efforts of HALF, the Human Animal Life Foundation, in the Saving Equine Program. An effort that took an especially prescribed equine diet, excellent veterinarian care, expert farrier work and a lot of love from many passionate people.

Regardless of their condition, horses like Kojak are invaluable, engaged in relationships with children like those who visit Spring Lake, where there is something very special happening. Despite his handicaps and previous misfortune, Kojak is able to work with children and teach many things, like empathy, responsibility, healthy behaviors and communication. As one might ask how, it becomes clear that the success Kojak found in recovery wonderfully transitions to successful participation in the Youth Equine Therapy Program

Horses like Kojak are gentle, patient and loving. They clearly enjoy their time with the children, who in turn empathize with and trust these horses, on which they lavish attention, affection and love. Their time together serves as a testament to onlookers that despite their hard-knock-life of the past, all is well with the world in the present, as their relationships wonderfully unfold with the Human element, the grace of an Animal, joined in Life, in what can wondrously be described as a miracle, at the Miracle Ranch.

Akin to Kojak, the Human Animal Life Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit, through Saving Equine, is not interested in placing blame for neglect or abuse, but rather keeps its focus on healing and building lifelong foundations for healthy living. With the help of compassionate supporters, all of HALF’s Programs can continue to provide caring alternatives for children and second chance careers for horses. You can help support the children and these majestic creatures. Please Give Whatever You Can and remember we are…





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