Who We Help


We offer a variety of programs and services which truly makes the Human Animal Life Foundation unique. Our programs are designed to help troubled at-risk youth and their families get their lives back while incorporating interactions with animals.



Animals play a vital role in the balance of life in our programs. We rescue, rehabilitate and retire horses and many other animals domesticated and in nature. People in our programs learn that in developing healthy relationships with animals they learn how to have healthy relationships with other people.



We work with a myriad of professionals such as counselors, social workers, teachers, principals, probation officers, judges, law enforcement and firemen. In working with these professionals we foster community involvement and a loyal sense of “it takes a village to raise a child”.


Community Service

Because of our strong sense of community HALF is one of the few non-profits who offers community service hours not only for educational credit hours but also for court ordered credit hours. The work available is around the ranch, nature and animals.


Therapeutic Services

We offer resources for therapeutic services focusing on Human-Animal Interaction for all youth that may include families while serving both female and male clients. In addition, we implement group sessions for adolescents where participants are challenged to make friends, engage in teamwork, express emotions and be honest.



There is nothing better than to serve the men and women who have served our country.  HALF has an open gate to nature and animals offering veterans and their families, services and surroundings, that promote peace and harmony at home in commemoration for their service abroad.



While at a Miracle Ranch facility we work directly with local schools to develop and promote success in core classes such as math, English, science and social studies, as well as encouraging success in extra curricular activities.



Once involved with HALF you will always a part of HALF family! Alumni that have gone through our programs are always welcome and are encouraged to "pay it forward" to involve them selves in our events and volunteers opportunities.