Miracle Ranch Group Home for Children

Miracle Ranch Group Home for Children is a faith-based residential care program which operates in a therapeutic nature-centered environment to promote Human-Animal Interaction with a goal to make a substantial impact on the integration of animals into people’s lives where the quality of life for both is improved and sustained.

Through this interaction on a daily basis, as a model for living, our program is designed to emotionally and psychologically bond each child to the animals who require as much unconditional love, understanding and acceptance as they do. The methodologies used teach each child to provide excellent care for all animals and the environment developing real life skills focusing on empathy, responsibility, nurturing and proper care of the animals and environment.

The children benefit from their interaction with domesticated animals and animals in nature. Being in the nature-centered environment also avails the children to learning ranching and farming skills as well as providing a solid foundation of work ethic and responsibility in preparation for adulthood. Other basic but fundamental skills are learned during this time include life skills, coping skills, living skills and the importance of appropriate loving relationships.

These teachings in turn promote positive behaviors of the children who are in turn taught to apply what they have learned to their relationships with other people and, just as importantly, to themselves as building blocks to self-esteem, self-worth, self-discipline and self-respect.

Human Animal Life Foundation, Inc.

Felicia Bass, V.P. & Program Director

Lisa Vance, B.A.Psy., Advisor

Valerie Schroeder, M.S.ed, Advisor

Jacqueline A. Bartlett M.D., Advisor

Peter Schroeder,  President


In Memory of Dr. Sandra Blanton




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