Save T-Bone Piggins


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The trailer backed up to the hog pen as T-Bone Piggins, the 300 pound pig, waddled to the favorite corner of his pen. But he was not to stay there long. His short life was about to end in tragedy. T-Bone was on his way to market to yield well over a grand, and not the Grand Ole Opry song and dance, but cold hog cash as his contribution to running the farm. The Owner and his hands rustled T-Bone up the slippery metal ramp where he finally rested against a side wall as the back door to the trailer closed with dreaded finality. His time had come.

T-Bone Piggins has the distinction of being of the Berkshire Breed of “Dead Pigs Walking” unlike “Babe”. T-Bone lamented telepathically behind the iron “We have no sheep herding skills so our fate is sealed. No matter that we are among the most intelligent and sensitive animals on the planet, related in kind to the elephants. We think, we fear and we grieve but nevertheless have been relegated to the Pits, the Barbecue Pits that is, where we clog the hearts and arteries of those who devour us with gusto. A strange kind of karmic justice, that we are not around to enjoy”.

As the Owner walked away from the trailer, between the sounds of his own boots sloshing in the mud, he heard a sound, a shrill squeal of distress. The Owner stopped and looked back to see T-Bone desperately peering through the back door with sun shadows of his prison bars against his sad face. His heart rending cries turned into further squeals of protest as great drops of tears fells from his eyes.

T-Bone knew this was his last day. He would never again experience the comfort of his pen, the feeling of home and the contentment of his life on the farm. It was all over for the sake of a future destiny, “Makin’ Bacon” so to speak. And we talk about throwing your pearls to the swine.

In the midst of emotion, the Owner was caught between a rock and a hard place. His head told him that T-Bone had to be sacrificed for the sake of the farm, to do his fair share. Yet his heart told him that was no way to treat a pig who was so determined to live. Surely there had to be an alternative to the Market for T-Bone Piggins.

There was. HALF’s Miracle Ranch where children live and learn to co-exist with rescued and retired animals. The Owner contacted HALF and described his dilemma. As it so happens, Ada Potatoe, the pig mascot at this haven of heavenly left overs, is badly in need of a partner with whom to munch. Too much of a good thing that has played havoc with her girlish figure. The children at the ranch also knew she was in need of a companion. One of her own kind with whom she can snuggle and share life in this Porker’s Paradise.

So the Owner and HALF made a deal. If half of the cash T-Bone would yield at Market was raised by HALF, T-Bone would live at the ranch with Ada, provided he would continue to receive his favorite papaya treats. These are a nutritious addiction he could not live without and on which T-Bone self-medicated during the stressful times of contemplating the probabilities of when and where his “number would be up”.

Do you remember in “The Color Purple” when Oprah (Sofia) said to Miss Celie “I know’d there is a God”, well that moment came for T-Bone when the team of HALF stepped in to save him. While the children petitioned for a Stay of Execution and got it, we are petitioning for the funds to save him and have to get them by June 25th or T-Bone Piggins goes to market on the 26th. Any funds in excess of the goal will go to the HALF general fund and will be put to good use to benefit one of the programs.