Giving Goats

Giving Goats Program

Our Giving Goats program is a way for people to enjoy the wonders of goats which in many ways can become the new dog. We are happy to offer adoption of our Giving Goats to good loving homes.

Goats are smart, fun and athletic so they can become a part of your family. They can be house trained and even go for walks just as any dog can, or are happy to roam the yard for nibbles. Goats are known to be descendents of the Great Houdini and have come to coin the term "Escape Goats". (Just kidding... no pun intended!) so of course proper fencing is a must. 

Goats make great pets, as well as help with weed wacking, hedge trimming and even provide milk and cheese. There are even opportunities for goats in the entertainment business, when trained properly, where they are known as "Show Goats" and in the sport of canoeing where they happily sing "Row, row, row, your goat".

Most importantly, in the world of human-animal interaction, goats when properly nurtured, respond wonderfully to help humans in therapeutic settings and as emotional support animals.

If you are interested in adopting one or more of our Giving Goats please fill out the Adoption Request Form below and we will contact you within one business day.

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