Donations FAQ

Does HALF accept matching gifts from my employer?
Yes. Find out whether your company has a qualifying program, get the form from your employer, and then make your donation online or send us a check through the mail. Then send your completed and signed form, along with your check or a copy of your online donation receipt, to:

     Human Animal Life Foundation
     18340 Powell Road
     Brooksville, FL 34604
     ATTN: Donations

Can I make a donation in honor of a person or special event?
Yes. You can celebrate a friend or special occasion such as birthdays, holidays, weddings or graduations. An personalized acknowledgment card will be sent to the gift membership recipient. Cards can even be sent on behalf of pets to humans or other animal friends. Now your favorite animal can send cards for those special occasions!

Can I make a donation in memory of a loved one?
Yes. Our memorial donations are a meaningful way to honor the memory of a loved one, that special person or animal, while helping others. HALF will send a sympathy card to the designated person or family acknowledging your donation.

I would like to give on a regular basis. Does HALF have a monthly donation program?
Yes. HALF offers a monthly donation pledge program for supporting members. You may select monthly giving plan online right now by using any of our donate now links, it's that easy. It's the quickest and easiest way to help humans and animals every month. If you would prefer to send in your monthly donation, HALF provides supporting members with monthly reminder statements.

I don't feel comfortable donating online. How else can make a donation to HALF?
Supporters can make a donation using a check or money order. You may send the donation to:

     Human Animal Life Foundation
     18340 Powell Road
     Brooksville, FL 34604
     ATTN: Donations

What is HALF's tax ID number?
HALF's tax identification number is 27-4231019.

How do I request a receipt to document my donation?
HALF does not send receipts for individual donations under $75 unless specifically requested. Individuals who make an online donation or who have made a one-time donation of $75 or more automatically receive a receipt. If you would like to receive a receipt for a single donation you made to HALF please send us an email from this link.

Does HALF make fundraising calls to donors?
Yes. We do telephone fundraising calls throughout the year. We ask some of our most compassionate donors to deepen their support of our critical and life changing human and animal programs. These calls are a very cost effective way to increase our impact and help even more humans and animals tomorrow and in the years to come.

How do I cancel my monthly donation?
Your monthly donation made through PayPal may be cancelled in your PayPal account. To request cancellation of other monthly donations please send us an email from this link.

How can I be taken off your fundraising list?
If you prefer not to be contacted by phone or email, please send us an email from this link.