The Human Animal Life Foundation (HALF) is pleased to offer our Community Service Program for hours as required by a Court for individuals to serve, as required by an Educational Institution for an individual for volunteer hours, or for individuals or groups who wish to participate in a volunteer program and get credit to support the mission of HALF.

Community Service hours offered by HALF include tasks or activities working around the ranch, working around animals, during events, or during projects. The behavioral focus is on Nature Human-Animal Interaction (NHAI) which is accomplished by including service hours during events or during projects which interactions in nature, outdoors, around animals or people are monitored to instill a sense of responsibility. Commitments to reliability, timeliness, diligence, cooperation and respect are mandated in order to be accepted into the Community Service Program. A Certificate of Completion will be issued for the hours successfully completed.

We would like you to know that there are costs associated with providing Community Service Hours which include administration, supervision and incidentals. HALF is proud to offer these services so that anyone may participate. We count on people to donate to our Community Service Program in order to make it possible to keep our services available and open to the public. We do have a registration and administration cost that we request be donated on behalf of the person requesting the hours. We also ask for donations as appropriate for hours required, your budget and means to help cover our expenses for supervision and incidentals.

To volunteer for your Community Service hours at HALF you may submit the Community Service Request form to us through the blue button below. Your request will be reviewed and we will contact you between two to three business days with a determination on participation. After submitting the request, we ask you return to this page and click on the green button to consider how you may help us, to help you, by supporting our Community Service Program.